Operational Control

dispatch expertise, flight management solutions & staff training

Aoc Services, inc., provides dispatch expertise, integrated flight management solutions, and management and staff training.

What is operational control? Do i need it? How is it implemented into my operation? These are basic questions that must be answered with sound management principles.

Operations under 14 cfr part 91, 135, 125, and 121 require positive operational control. This is a fundamental attribute not only for regulatory compliance and safety, but to build basic processes that protect investments and productivity and economic objectives. This is accomplished with sound policies and procedures, robust technology, and effective decision-making. We design the right operational control solution for any operation.

For part 121 we provide;

  • Dispatch Expertise
  • Integrated Flight Management Solutions
  • Management and Staff Training.
For part 135 and 91 fleet managers we have the right solution for your operation and fleet size, along with your customer's needs.



Areas of Expertise

Dispatch Expertise
Integrated Flight Management Solutions
Staff Training